FROM THE JOINT TO FORBES: Man Creates $3 M Business From Bid In Prison

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After serving a 51-month sentence in prison for marijuana trafficking, former inmate Fredrick Hutson, is now the man behind the $3 M company, Pigeonly. While locked up, he realized, that there were huge problem in the prison system when it came to prisoners keeping in contact with their loved ones. With that realization, he came up with Pigeonly, a photo-sharing service that prints photos uploaded from a cell phone, computer or tablet and then ships them to any prison in the world. Currently, the company has two services, Fotopigeon- which allows people to mail photos to inmates straight from their computer for 50 cents a print, and Telepigeon- which generates a local phone number for the prisoner’s family members so that their calls are charged at the local rate, which can significantly lower the amount they’re charged.

To date, Fredick Hutson has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, CNN Money and tons more, explaining the genius thinking behind this service.

For those of you with family and friends locked up, what are your thoughts on Pigeonly? Do you see yourself using it?