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November 24, 1976


DJ Fiyaa

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Bronx, NY

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, DJ Fiyaa started to DJ at the age of five in the South Bronx. He lived with his aunt and five cousins who also DJ'ed and learned the craft very quickly. By the time he finished public school, he was DJing at his prom. Fast forward to high school, when he moved to Coop City, DJ Fiyaa started rapping and went by the name Disaster, which stands for Disaster Is A Sickness Terrorizing Every Rapper. He also went by the name of Mr. Calamity and rapped with a local group called Lost Cause Clique.

In the early 90's, he was around many artists such as Wu-Tang, Sunz Of Man, Ruff Ryders, DMX, The Lox, D.I.T.C, Party Arty, D-Flow and others. He had access to a lot of exclusive music, so he created mixtapes and sold them throughout the NY and NJ areas. He then flew to Atlanta and sold mixtapes, which helped build his buzz. He created his website,, which serves as a platform for other dope artists to promote their music. DJ FIYAA is a brand, so get used to HIM. Follow him on instagram @DJ_FIYAA.