Pump Faking: Rappers Who Retired And Came Back

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Everybody wants to leave their Michael Jordan imprint on the rap game by retiring and later coming back to cause havoc on the game. While their dream is very admirable from a competitive sense, many falter on their aspirations and simply look like clowns for their feeble attempts. Only one man has pulled it off. Can you guess who?

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Jay Z at Samsung Celebrate The Release Of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Available Now For Samsung Galaxy Owners – Arrivals

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JAY Z is notoriously known for pushing himself away from the limelight after his swan song of a release in The Black Album. After he retired, four years later he returned to release his comeback project Kingdom Come.

Kid Cudi

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“I’m just over rapping. I don’t get any fulfillment out of it anymore,” Cudi told MTV News in 2010. Less than two weeks later, he dropped Man on the Moon II.