Putting Rap On The Map: Hip Hop Is Hot On The Boulevard!

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Whether music fans want to acknowledge it or not, hip hop is one of the most influential genres in the world. The music may not be listened to by everyone, but the culture is definitely recognized all over the globe. Recently, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill, which renamed two streets in New York City after the rap genre, paying tribute to the pioneering of hip hop culture.

Read more on what streets were renamed in NYC on the following pages.

The Bronx location

According to the bill, 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx is now officially renamed “Hip Hop Boulevard,” which is the exact location where DJ Kool Herb threw his “back to school” in the 70’s, when the genre emerged.

The Brooklyn location

Over on DeGraw St. in Brooklyn, a section of the street has been renamed “Robert PH Diaz Way,” which is in honor of the late Robert “Pumpkinhead” Diaz. The late MC died at the young age of 39 years old while awaiting for gall stone surgery.