Rappers With Famous Tattoos

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Whether it is a commendable decision or a regrettable one, rappers and their tattoos are almost connected together. Here is a look at the tattoos that helped make these artists even more famous than they already are:



No rap or hip hop fan will miss the Thug Life tattoo of this legend. The ink seen on his stomach is a tattoo he got back in 1992 in Houston.

David Banner


Source: eviltattoo.com

When this rapper goes shirtless, it is hard to miss the Mississippi tat on his back. The text is considered one of the most artistic and probably the most legible in the hip hop world.



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Stalley has a great number of tattoos, but the ones that stand out are in his hands. The letters Know More were done by BJ Betts while the horses and the horseshoe were created by Bert Krak.