Rappers You Didn’t Know Are Extremely Generous

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Despite their sometimes tougher or rough around the edges exteriors, rappers have proven to have some hearts of gold in the way that they give back to people and their communities. While some have made sure that the world knows of their continuous generosity, catering to those in need, some have done it on their own time, completely out of the limelight. Most recently, it was revealed that Pusha T donated multiple truckloads of water to Flint, Michigan as citizens continue to battle their water crisis. He’s not the first one to quietly give back to others, as there have been a few that want to keep their name out of the issues at hand.

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Beyonce and JAY Z allegedly bail out Baltimore protestors

Miguel Cotto v Canelo Alvarez

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When thousands of people were protesting the unjustified death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, things got very intense for those protesting, as well as police. While there were groups of individuals who took it far enough by looting and resorting to violence, some were very peaceful in their attempts to be heard by authorities. Unfortunately, a handful of protestors were wrongfully arrested during their tries to protest for Freddie, and it’s alleged to this day that they were all bailed out by Beyonce and Jay Z. The news is just a myth for now, as they seem to have possibly done it behind closed doors, rather than making it national news.

Macklemore and the Black Lives Matter movement

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Despite the criticism he receives from the hip hop community, Macklemore is actually a pretty big advocate in the Black Lives Matter movement. While his songs put shine on white privilege and the issues that pertain to what the Black Lives Matter protestors are trying to stress to their audiences, not many people know that he has been involved in protesting, funding, and trying to meet with the right people to make a real difference behind the scenes.