Rap’s Most Notorious Drug Addicts & We Love It

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Rap music is definitely used to help people turn up, escape their issues, or just relate to someone who is speaking through to their experiences, but some listeners may not realize the tragedies behind the songs. While tons of rappers are making hit records, a lot of the lyrics in these songs are quite concerning, as they shed light on their drug addictions. Much to their dismay, fans are continuing to love the music, only adding more to their battle with addiction as they continue to make hits through it.

Young Thug at PUMA And Foot Locker Unveil THE PUMA Lab Powered By Foot Locker

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Check out rappers with drug addictions that fans love on the following pages.


Future Double Cup

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There’s no doubt that Future has had the best 2015 ever, but the guy has a serious addiction to lean, and his fans could care less as it’s such a huge part of his music.


Eminem Performs For Experience Music Project, Seattle

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Eminem has notoriously battled drug addiction for years, and even gotten sober, but fans complain that his music was better when he was on those drugs.