R&B Singers You Forgot Were Arrested For SERIOUS Crimes

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In the world of R&B music, the vibes are usually all about emotion and love. While most of our favorite artists provide us with some of the sweetest sounds our ears have ever heard, some have been involved in some situations that aren’t so sweet. Just like with some rappers, there have been some crime-committing R&B singers who were arrested on serious charges. We decided to take a look back and remind you of the crooners who are now deemed the real bad boys of R&B.

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Check out which R&B singers you can now deem as “bad boys.”



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Mario might sing about heartbreak and give us some great love songs, but he’s not all sweet and sugar. The crooner was arrested in 2010 for assaulting his mother. The two got into a domestic dispute over her alleged drug addiction at their Baltimore home, which led to him being charged with second-degree assault. Although the incident was heartbreaking for both parties, it escalated because of Mario’s concern for her.

Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars may catch a grenade for the woman he loves, but he’s also not afraid to play around with drugs. The singer was arrested in 2010 by police – They charged him for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. Bruno had about 2.6 grams of cocaine on him, and was even seen sporting a smile in his mugshot, which he says he did because of how intoxicated he was.