Real Love: The Best TV Couples of All-Time

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Love isn’t something you can just buy at your nearest store. For one, it takes two people. Secondly, it takes time, dedication, and persistence. In order to cultivate an unbreakable bond, the people involved must instill trust in one another. For those that never found true love, they always had shows like Martin and Boy Meets World to help instill a sense of hope in their bleak love life. Guys like Cory and Dwayne Wayne gave hapless romantics a sense of possibility that one day, the girl who didn’t bother to glance in their direction before, would reconsider the second time around.

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Here Are the Best TV Couples of All-Time

Martin & Gina (Martin)

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Whether they were arguing or simply having a blast with each other, Martin & Gina exuded a bond that we all aspire to taste at some point in our lives.

Homer & Marge (The Simpsons)

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Homer & Marge’s fruitful relationship is closing in on the 30-year mark. Despite Homer’s ineptness, Marge has proven her loyalty to him and has always found new ways of falling in love with her man.