Rep Yo City: Best City Anthems

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Rappers love repping their cities with pride. Nothing comes before their hometown. Wherever they go, their city is right behind them. With that said, check out some rappers that decided to put their city on the map on their records.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees, Game 2

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Here Are The Best City Anthems

Jermaine Dupri Featuring Ludacris – “Welcome to Atlanta”

Record producer Jermaine Dupri

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MTV’s Rock N Jock NBA All Star Jam

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Welcome to Atlanta, jackin’ hammers and vogues
Back to the mackin’ and jackin the clothes, adolescent packin a fo’
A knock on the do’, who is it? I would happen to know
The one with the flow – who did it?, it was me I suppose
JD in the Rolls and Luda’s in the Cut Supreme
Skatin down Old Nat, gat tucked and leaned
I split ya spleen, as a matter of fact I split ya team
No blood on the sneaks, gotta keep it so my kicks is clean
I get the cream, cops see me flick my beams
I’m allergic so doc’ prescribed antihistamines – Ludacris