Rich Homie Quan Files Lawsuit Against Former Record Label for $2 Million

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Rich Homie Quan at the PANDORA Discovery Den SXSW on March 19, 2015 in Austin, Texas

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Rich Homie Quan wants to know where them dollars at?! The rapper is sueing his former record label Think It’s A Game Entertainment for $2 Million claiming that the CEO of the label owes him money that he is not paying up. Rich Homie Quan is claiming that $159,000 that he was owed by T.I.G. was used to purchase Atlanta real estate and that the CEO kept the other $550,000 that he received from Def Jam Recordings for Rich Homie Quan’s “Type Of Way” for his own personal expenses.

Well, if this is true then Rich Homie Quan has every right to sue because $559,000 is simply isn’t some chump change! Think It’s A Game Entertainment’s roster also includes former Def Jam artist Trinidad James as well as rapper YFN Lucci. Read the full story here.

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