Rich The Kid Searches for Safer Pad

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Source: Instagram @richthekid

Rich the Kid and his girlfriend Tori Brixx have decided to find safer grounds after the violent home invasion a few weeks ago. The Georgia native has been crashing at Brixx’s downtown Los Angeles apartment, where the burglary took place, and has been having a difficult time falling asleep ever since the incident. And it’s no wonder after the chaotic 911 call was released.

According to law enforcements, the invaders accessed the second floor pad by sneaking up the fire escape. They never had to cross paths with the front desk, making the situation all more eery. Once the culprits broke in, they brutally attacked Rich the Kid and his girlfriend who were asleep at the time. Unfortunately, the police still have not been able to catch the suspects. The two were left in a graphic state, plastered with bruises and stitches needed.

Tori Brixx got some backlash from critics, accusing her of being an opportunist and potentially behind the break-in. She later slapped back denying any involvement and found the claims ridiculous. Instead of sleeping with one eye open every night, Rich the Kid has been checking out some mansions in the San Fernando valley. The area is known to be exponentially safer than DTLA and he’ll have a larger crib.

Source: Instagram @richthekid