Rick Ross Feared For His Life When Stopped By Goons In Detroit

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Rick Ross was scheduled to perform at Detroit’s Hot 107.5 Summer Concert but was met by a bunch of goons who would prevent that from happening. It’s been alleged that Trick Trick, a local Detroit rapper has placed Rick Ross on what he called the ‘no fly zone’ meaning an artist who can’t come into Detroit and perform without his permission.

The Chene Park Amphitheater where Ross was scheduled to perform has since released this statement: 

“This issue didn’t happen within Chene Park; it happened outside,” said Rudolph, who noticed a crowd outside the venue as Ross’ camp tried entering around 11 p.m. “And it’s unfortunate that this was a tactic to prevent another artist performing.” … “After nearly four hours of hip-hop groups and emcees rocking the mic the audience was informed by Jay Hicks, HOT 107.5 FM’s program director, that headlining artist and Miami-based rapper Rick Ross would not be performing – as a result a band of individuals led by a local rapper who prevented and threatened to harm Ross if he entered the grounds to perform at Chene Park Amphitheater.”

Ross has simply laughed it off with this tweet:

“Luv #Detroit I wuz ready to killm 2nite,heard it wuz a peace protest wit picket signs and locked gates haa,” Ross wrote June 22. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Rick-Ross-TwitterTrick Trick’s manager issued a statement expressing what the ‘no fly zone’ is and hinting that Trick Trick will fill us all in over the next few days.

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