Rick Ross Performs for the First Time Since Hospitalization… Chants “Free Meek Mill”

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rick ross

Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

Rick Ross recently performed for the first time since being hospitalized earlier this month for heart related issues. If you haven’t heard the news, Rick Ross was rushed to the hospital after someone had allegedly contacted 911 and reported that a man, presumably Rick Ross, was breathing heavy and unresponsive. Get the full story HipHopMyWay covered in articles that explain the 911 call and his past health issues.

His performance took place at The Light nightclub in Vegas early Sunday morning, where he showed out in good spirits and seemingly good health. He even had a few of his fans comment on his reduced weight on pictures from the night he posted on Instagram. In Bawse fashion, Rozay takes time out of his set to pour up a few drinks for a few ladies in the front row. From looking at a recent Instagram post, it looks as though his set may have been sponsored by an alcoholic beverage company.

At one point in his show, Ricky Rozay takes the time to shout out Meek Mill, who is currently locked up as a result of a drawn out legal episode that stems back as early as 2008. Read up on his current legal situation here. At a pause in the music, Ross tells the crowd, “Put your hands in the sky if you got love for my little brother Meek Mill one time.” As the crowd raised their hands, Ross started the chant “Free Meek Mill,” which was echoed throughout the venue.

All seemed to be well in the world of Rick Ross as of Sunday. However, Ross may have made a slight error in an Instagram post he made in celebration of the night. In a picture of him on stage at The Lights nightclub in Vegas, Ross mentions the popular Miami club, Club LIV, in the caption: “ERRTHANG GUCCI!! 2NITE WE SHUTDOWN CLUB LIV #MIYAYO”. Maybe it was intentional, or maybe Ross could have used a nap before the show. Either way, it’s good to see the Teflon Don back in good health.