Ride Or Die For Life: The Ups & Downs of Remy Ma & Papoose

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With Valentines Day inching closer, everyone is eagerly finding ways to surprise their significant other. While people continue to be entangled in the web of mainstream commercialism, couples like Remy Ma & Papoose rely on their foundation to to appreciate their love. By exuding loyalty, optimism, and faith, the two New York wordsmiths have created a love so deep and enriched with passion that nothing can ever come between them. Take a gander at the love of Remy Ma & Papoose through their years of trials and tribulations.

Remy Ma & Papoose

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The Ups & Downs of Remy Ma & Papoose

Papoose & Remy Collab For “Bonnie & Clyde” (2005)


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In a feature written by XXL in 2011 titled “Pain is Love”, Papoose revealed that he first met Remy through his mentor Kay Slay.

Slay [Pap’s mentor, DJ Kay Slay] always spoke highly of her, and one time he had hit me, like, she wants to do a song with me. So eventually she came to the studio in one of our sessions, and we did a track together called “Bonnie and Clyde.” I think that was the Cutting Room Studio, in Manhattan. At the old Cutting Room, though, on 678 Broadway. On the track, I was throwing a lot of—I was flirting on the track, you know what I mean? Well, she ain’t really flirt on the track. She just did her. But I was flirting on the track. We just never lost contact after that. We always stayed in contact.

Remy Ma Turns Herself in to Police (2007)


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In 2007, Remy Ma turned herself in after Makeda Barnes-Joseph was shot in the torso, after being accused of stealing $3000, which belonged to the rapper. Later, she identified Remy as the shooter. In addition, Remy was slapped with witness tampering and assault after cajoling several friends to jump a witness’ boyfriend a month after the incident involving Barnes-Joseph.