Rihanna Called Out in Interview for Stealing Wine Glasses

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Credit: Getty Images

While promoting the movie Ocean’s 8, Rihanna was called out for her subtle restaurant thievery. The singing sensation, and now actress, has been photographed countless times over the years leaving dining establishments with a full glass of wine in hand. Though it has been a big laugh over the years, the UK’s The Graham Norton Show made her sweat when confronting her rebellious pattern.

Norton started off asking, “Did you ask permission from the club when you left holding this glass?” This was followed by a number of images of Bad Girl Riri caught in the act by paparazzi. She quickly took to defense claiming she sometimes takes bottles to the clubs. “I took it back to the hotel I took it from.” Eventually Rihanna caved laughing it off, “My mom is going to watch this.”

The entire Ocean’s 8 cast was there for the interview as well, but they absolutely adore Rihanna. Mindy Kaling described working wither her as, “So amazing, I’m so intimidated by her,” during an interview on The Ellen Show. Even though Rih may know how to sneak out a glass of wine, she confesses she knows close to nothing about hacking, unlike her character. While promoting the movie, she has mentioned how amazing it was working alongside so many unique women.

Ocean’s 8 is in theaters now.

Credit: The Norton Graham Show