Rihanna Solidifies Herself As A Fashion Icon at Fashion Week

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Rihanna's Paris Fashion Week Style

Photos by: Stéphane Feugère; Rindoff Petroff/Dufour/Getty Images

Rihanna has long been a fashion icon, oftentimes for the clothes she doesn’t wear more than for the clothes she does. She stunned the internet when she wore perhaps the world’s first denim thong, and she’s been spending all of Paris Fashion Week taking risks with her outfits.

Rihanna’s ensembles at Fashion Week were sexy, fun, experimental, bold, and most of all, surprising. It was hard to guess where she was going to go with her outfits from one day to the next.

A sharp suit and fedora combo was paired with a fur wrap in one outfit. Another saw her wearing a red mink coat over lingerie. A green ensemble put her in a belted green leather dress with a military-style overcoat. That last outfit may sound bulky, but still showed a fair amount of skin.

Rihanna's revealing outfit at Paris Fashion Week

Photo: Michel Dufour/WireImage

Her most subdued fashion decision of the week was a paisley Summer dress, and her boldest might have been a lace shirt, no bra, with her chest barely covered by a black and white fur thrown over her shoulders. She paired it with dark lipstick for a sort of gothy, modern look.

Rihanna has been an R&B and hip hop icon since her debut, and she’s definitely planting a flag in the fashion world with some of the bravest outfits at Paris Fashion Week. We’re sure to see commentators making snide jokes about her wilder choices, but the statement Rihanna herself has made is what will be remembered. Revealing but classy, her skimpier outfits at Fashion Week give J. Lo and Lil’ Kim a run for their money when it comes to daring, sexy style.

Fashion Week is technically not really a competition, but it’s hard to argue that Rihanna did not win this year’s event.