Rihanna’s Fans Taking It Too Far

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Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna has dedicated many years to obtain her level of success, but the love from her fans may going too far. Following the initial home invasion a few weeks ago, a woman was arrested for claiming to be her. The unknown individual broke into the Beverly Hills Rite-Aid the other night.

When the law enforcements arrived at the scene, they asked her a series of questions. She stated her name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty, which is the artist’s actual birth name. When asked for her birthday, she replied with February 20, 1986. The month and day were accurate to Rihanna’s as well, but the year was off. Riri’s real birth year is 1988.

The crucial mistake called her out immediately on her impersonation, even though the police were well aware the woman was not the famous star from the start. She was charged with a misdemeanor of trespassing and then set free.

Unfortunately, this is not the first crazy encounter with the law Rihanna has been linked to. Eduardo Leon broke into her house last month, not knowing she wasn’t home. He waited around for her to come home, eventually falling asleep on the couch where Rihanna’s assistant found him the next morning. She immediately called the cops. He was charged with burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

The police now have access to his social media accounts in hopes to comprehend his reasoning behind the break-in. After reviewing his sanity, the judge has ruled him fit to take the stand. Trying to put the drama in her rearview mirrors, Rihanna says she is completely focused on her career at the moment.

Credit: AKM