Roast King: Mike Epps Biggest Clapbacks

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Mike Epps shows no mercy to whoever, whenever. The man is a comedic genius. Ever since he made his appearance on Friday, he’s cruised through the ranks of comedy. While many would be quick to give Kevin Hart the crown for the king of comedy, people tend to overlook Mike Epps because he’s not as mainstream as he used to be, despite being in a multitude of films. Don’t sleep, Mike Epps still got the juice.

mike epps and kevin hart

Credit: Earl Gibson III & Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

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Mike Epps Makes Fun of Justin Bieber

Here, Epps pretends to be Bieber and shows us what it would be like if Biebs was in the slammer.

Mike Epps Clowns Ghostface & Action Bronson

Mike Epps took a stab at Ghostface and Action Bronson during their beef and impersonated both of them.