Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are At War With The Kardashians

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Things are certainly heating up between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, as the two seem to spend just about every day together. While the Kardashian brother has been finally stepping out in public to be alongside his boo, and has even already lost weight, his family is still not too happy about their relationship. Kris Jenner is trying to conflict with them being together, and Chyna is not here for it at all. Even Rob made a wild declaration on his Instagram that will certainly shock you.

The beginning ☘

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Rob’s recent Instagram post

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Rob has been going against his family’s wishes by dating Chyna, and his recent Instagram showed that he’s not too phased by their disagreement. Since he’s happy with Chyna, it makes him want to make the sacrifices, since he seems to be in a better place.

Blac Chyna puts Kris Jenner on blast

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After Kris Jenner purchased some healthier food options for Rob, him and Blac Chyna went through his cabinet to expose what she bought. They didn’t seem to be a fan, and Chyna put her on blast for it, considering Chyna’s cooking has helped Rob to lose 40 pounds already.