Run D.M.C.’s ‘King Of Rock’ Album Is 31 Years Old

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Run D.M.C. has a lot to celebrate lately, as the legendary rap group is about to be honored by the Grammy’s with a Lifetime Achievement award. The former trio’s King Of Rock album was also released this week 31 years ago, which ironically is also the date of the late Jam Master Jay’s birthday. The group saw tremendous success with their sophomore album, as it featured a heavier fusion of rock n’ roll in their hip hop sound.

Run dmc king of rock

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Rock influence

The three hip hop stars went harder on this second album, as they transfused a lot of rock influence into their sound and vibes. One of their major singles “Rock Box,” became the first ever rap music video to air on MTV at the time. It was also played in heavy rotation on the music video channel. It eventually went on to become certified platinum, making it one of their most successful tracks.

Krush Groove

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Around the time of this album’s release, the trio was also working on the movie, Krush Groove, which released the same year. The story of the film followed Russell Simmons’ rise to the top to launch his Def Jam label, who was also a manager of Run D.M.C. at the time. The movie correlating with their project’s release help to launch the album to further success.