RZA Said Eric Garner’s Death Wasn’t Race Related

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RZA 2013 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Day 2

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RZA has been very vocal on views in regards to the Eric Garner death. The rapper spoke with Gawker and laid down another compelling statement. Read his full excerpt here and his quote on the tragedy below.

“It wasn’t just a black, white thing, it was about authority and about empowering a man who didn’t have power before and who overexerted his power. Those gentlemen were wrong, the cop had a utility belt of options for different escalating scenarios. He had a stick, pepper spray, he had his physical training … but to jump up on him? It looked like a gang fight, and that’s totally wrong. The cops had other options — I’ve been pepper sprayed before, it’s 100% efficient. You gonna chill out. It’s a chill pill.”