Sage The Gemini Is A Fraud!

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Sage The Gemini was just begging for a second chance with Jordin Sparks, but it looks like there’s a huge plot twist in this love story. The “Gas Pedal” rapper was exposed by his ex-fiancée, Curium Hurley, who recorded a leaked audio from a recent recording with him. During the phone call, he makes some pretty crazy remarks regarding his relationship with Jordin, and it will definitely have you dropping your jaws.

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The leaked audio

Curium leaked audio from the phone call between her and Sage, where he not only apologizes to her for all that he’s done, but he even lets her know that he still loves her. What he says next about Jordin will definitely blow your mind.

His relationship with Jordin

Thank you God for waking me up this morning.

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Sage claims that his relationship with Jordin was all a publicity stunt, and that “everything was f**king horrible.” He even says that he wanted to stab her, and that she’s “not no regular person.” He also says that they worked hard to make it look great for social media.