Saigon Hits Up The Sabotage Premiere with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger anchors a motley and tough cast including the likes of Joe Manganiello, Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard in the new thriller Sabotage.

Manganiello gave us a synopsis of the film saying, “We play DEA agents, who most are undercover, in an elite task force that are hired by the government to go fight the Mexican cartels. We try to retire early when we find a couple hundred million in cash in a safehouse. We decide to take our cut and somethings go wrong and our team members keep getting picked off one-by-one. We don’t know if it’s the cartel coming back for revenge or if it’s maybe someone inside the team.”

Schwarzenegger appreciated the complexity of the script as well as “the depth and realism.” He said that it dealt with a lot of grey areas, and was not limited to idealistic standards that most action movie leads or heroes are held up to. When asked when he’d consider retiring from the action movie genre Schwarzenegger replied, “when I drop dead!”

Also at the premiere was Saigon. The hip hop artist was excited that his song, Bring Me Down, was featured in the movie and trailer. Saigon has been a busy man recently, wrapping up VH1’s Love & Hip Hop 4, releasing his new album, and acting on the set of Entourage. This man never misses a beat!

The movie has received mixed reviews, but hey, it’s got action movie icon Schwarzenegger and the overwhelmingly striking Manganiello in it. It’s Hollywood entertainment, so sit back and enjoy.