Sensitive Soul: Drake’s Softest Songs

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drake kiss The 2014 ESPYS – Backstage

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While celebrating the holidays, Drake posted a video of his mother trying to explain why hip-hop culture criticizes her son for being soft. While we agree that Drake is one of the new leaders of rap and probably one of the hottest, if not the hottest hit-maker right now — we can’t argue that the MC has a lot of soft  emotional songs. We’re not feeding into the trolls or hating though, hip-hop is all about self-expression and we can’t knock on a artist that is brutally honest on his life rather than faking the funk. With that said, Drake’s vulnerability as an artist is what sets him apart, especially to a generation that’s always one social media post away from revealing what’s on their mind in a split-second. From chronological order, we’ve listed Drake’s softest songs.

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Check out our slideshow below to listen to Drake’s softest songs!

So Far Gone, 2009

so far gone cover
So Far Gone is the mixtape that catapulted Drake into mainstream stardom and featured a very minimal stripped down sound.


“Houstonlantavegas” is Drake setting the standard for saving strippers.