Seriously, Do Really We Care For a Jay Electronica Album Anymore?

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In 2009, Jay Electronica rocked the rap world when he released “Exhibit C.” The bombastic-sounding track produced by Just Blaze created buzz for the New Orleans lyricist. Laced with lyricism and bravado, Jay Electronica was a groomed emcee with a polished skill-set. His rugged flow and sharp intellect made him an intriguing prospect to JAY Z, who later signed him to Roc Nation in 2010. So, seven years since “Exhibit C,” we haven’t been blessed with one project. The question is why?

It’s been six years since Jay Electronica signed to Roc Nation and he has only dropped new singles periodically. He teased us with “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace,” “Better in Tune With the Infinite,” and his “We Made It,” freestyle with JAY Z. While those were very dope tracks, it never materialized into an actual project. This is worse than Detox people. Jay Electronica has gobs of potential and is capable to knocking the hinges off the proverbial door of opportunity. Instead of doing that, he has transformed into a Twitter demon.

His fingers are putting in more work than his damn self. He’s on the cusp of becoming a baby Kanye — if he hasn’t already — with his epic rants. I mean, at least Ye gave us TLOP. We still haven’t gotten one project from you Jay!


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You can’t dub yourself an elite emcee with no body of work. It’s like saying because you had a couple of games of 20-points or more under your resume, you could talk that talk. How about you doing it for just one season, Jay. We’ve had J.Cole drop three albums during your time at Roc Nation. That’s unacceptable, bro. You can’t call out 50 Cent — who has a classic under his belt or a Kendrick Lamar who nabbed five Grammy’s this past week. You don’t have the body of work. Maybe you can conjure up a project within the next few months. “TBE” was lukewarm. You need something to at least put yourself in the conversation.

I don’t know if we care anymore because with Beyonce, Kanye, Kendrick, and Rihanna currently holding the reigns for their efforts in 2016, Jay Elect would have to drop something epic in order for us to even care at this point. Talk less and deliver more tunes Jay Elect.

That’s all we need, brother because right now, we’re over the hype. SHARE with your friends.