Should Hip Hop Support R. Kelly?

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Over the years, hip hop culture has been graced with a lot of kinds of artists, with some who certainly have some dicey pasts. While there have been some individuals who might have committed some heavy offenses, and even done time for them, some have been written off, despite evidence proving them guilty. In the case of R. Kelly, the R&B crooner has been able to push his music career through the depths of his horrific controversial past of sexual assault involving minors, but it’s still not away from him and his image, despite him being able to sell records.

2013 BET Awards – Show

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How his sexual assault past has effected him

R. Kelly In Concert – Brooklyn, New York

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Kellz hasn’t been able to sweep his sexual assault past under the rug too much, as it’s definitely made interviews almost out of the question for him. The singer was charged with sexual assault of a minor after a sex tape was released of him allegedly urinating on a 14-year-old girl at the time, but the verdict came out as not guilty. Despite most of music fans ruling that it was, in fact, him in the tape, the charges never impacted his career, even though there was a lot of damage done to his image. Since then, he’s been able to release tons of new music, go on tours, and receive awards, but interviews have become quite difficult with the topic coming up more often than not.

His past has been more overlooked because of his music

2013 BET Experience – R. Kelly, New Edition and The Jacksons

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It’s been a common phrase to hear fans say something along the lines of, “R. Kelly is a sexual predator, but he’s a legend who makes amazing music.” This is a true statement, as Kellz is a legendary singer and songwriter, but that doesn’t defeat the fact that he has done a serious crime involving minors. While anyone else in the world would be deemed as near filth for committing the same act as R. Kelly, his music is still promoted, played, and praised by music fans around the globe.