Should Rappers Drop Post-Humous Albums? [Op-Ed]

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It’s never easy to digest the passing of one of your favorite artists. Watching the deaths of Tupac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Big L, and more was a brutal hit to the culture and was something we couldn’t get over for a very long time. Because of their impeccable artistry and timeless music, we humbly appreciate their efforts while they were alive. That’s why we cherish so many of their projects. Life After Death?All Eyez On Me? These magnum opuses will forever be entrenched deep in the depths of the proverbial Rap Hall of Fame. That’s how it should be. Now as far as some of their projects after they died? We should delete them out of history forever.

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Do We Really Need Post-Humous Albums?

We Don’t Need Another Tupac Album


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I don’t mind hearing Tupac over some new material. Let’s be honest, since his passing, he definitely has some very poignant and untouchable records. “Until the End of Time”, “Thugz Mansion”, “Do For Love”, and more were all classic records. I’ll never question Pac’s artistry. But, there were several blemishes in his resume after his untimely demise. Better Dayz wasn’t needed. Loyal to the Game wasn’t necessary. Pac’s Life wasn’t needed. It was like beating a dead horse. At a certain point, as much as we yearn for our artists to come back, we have to let them go. It’s completely understandable for Pac to have dropped so many albums since his passing because he was a workhorse. But, we can’t continue to strain his legacy because we crave more music. After Until the End of Time – which marked his fourth post-humous project, things should have came to a screeching halt.

Biggie Duets Should Never Have Happened

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Biggie dropped two classic albums before passed. The best thing we could have done was let him live peacefully without having to drop a mess of a project in Duets: The Final Chapter. This was a lackluster project and wasn’t needed because we weren’t receiving new verses. The classic verses that he scripted from previous tracks and projects should have been left where they originally were. Was it cool to hear him with Jay Z again on “Whatchu Want” ? Definitely, but we didn’t need an entire project. There’s nothing wrong with artists unearthing lost vocals and simply making records. If Biggie had an entire project worth of songs that were never released? That’s fine. Let’s drop those asap. Let’s not scuff up this legendary verses by pairing them with new artists just so we can live out our pseudo fantasies.