Should Rappers Drop Post-Humous Albums? [Op-Ed]

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The Solution?

The album cover of former rhythm-and-blues singer and actress Aaliyah is on display at a listening station August 27, 2001 at a Virgin Megastore in New York City

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Chris Brown and Drake skillfully used Aaliyah’s vocals for their respective uses. CB’s “Don’t Think They Know” and Aaliyah’s “Enough Said” were dope records that integrated Aaliyah the right way. Records aren’t a bad thing here. It’s when people decide to cut vocals from previous records and remix them. That’s when things go down-hill. There’s no need to revisit the past. That’s why we have the classics. Let us tastefully remember Biggie’s verse from “Juicy” because of “Juicy”. Let us remember Tupac’s verse from “Ambitionz of a Ridah” because of “Ambitionz of a Ridah.” Let’s let our people rest in peace.