Slim Jesus Performs For Only 30 People, Is the Hype Over?

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Two months ago, Slim Jesus caused a stir among the rap community when his controversial video “Drill Time” went viral. The 16-year-old white rapper was seen flaunting guns and boasting about his street credo throughout the video. The 3-minute video has garnered 18 million views and landed Jesus on a slew of timelines. That was two months ago. Now, it appears that he’s quickly spiraling into flop city.

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Source: Twitter @Mighty_Million

Is Slim Jesus’ Hype Over?

“I Like Rapping About Guns, But I Don’t Live That”

While he was causing tremors in rap stratosphere over his gang-banging tune “Drill Time,” many bloggers salivated at the opportunity to chat with the youngster. Enter DJ Vlad. Vlad grilled Slim and pressed him about his hood credibility throughout the interview. Jesus refuted claims that he was a gangsta but saying that he’s not about that life and that he just enjoys rapping about guns. Strike one.

A Rapper Grabs His Mic While He’s Performing on Stage

Earlier this month, Slim Jesus took this talents to Ottawa, Canada when he performed live. Sadly, his performance was interrupted by a fellow rapper who forcefully grabbed the mic away from his hand as he was performing. Strike two.