Smokepurpp and Producer Beats by Saif Get into Heated Confrontation at SXSW

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Source: Instagram @smokepurpp

During the final day of the 2018 SXSW Festival, a bit drama unfolded between rapper Smokepurpp and producer Beats by Saif. A video recently surfaced that shows an exchange of words between the two artists that quickly turns into a heated confrontation.

The video starts with Beats by Saif approaching Smokepurpp in the midst of his entourage. After a few seconds of speaking with him, Purpp turns to Saif and starts pushing him back as he walks into him. Security gets involved before the situation escalates further, as Purpp is held back while Saif runs off down the block. Watch the video if the incident below.

Their issue stems from an incident that took place back in September, when Beats by Saif allegedly sent Smokepurpp roughly $2,000 for a feature on one of his tracks. Purpp ended up ghosting Saif, so Saif tweeted “lil purpp finessed me. help me get my money back”, and added screenshots of their conversation discussing the feature.

Saif hit him and his manager up about the situation in the DMs, they claimed that Purpp’s account was hacked. Saif threw up screenshots those exchanges on Twitter too, to which Purpp replied with a few choice words of his own. See how it went down in the tweets posted below.

After the altercation, Saif and Purpp butted heads again over Twitter. It looks like Purpp deleted a couple of the tweets that Saif responded to, but you can get the gist of what each had to say to each other by scrolling back in each of their Twitter accounts, @smokepurpp and @saifk

After the dust had settled, both Beats by Saif and Smokepurpp have come forward and given their own take on the situation that transpired. While both of their stories share the same major details, they each tell their story in a different tone. Saif uploaded his side of the story in a video on Twitter, while Smokepurpp explained his side over Instagram Live. Watch both of those videos below.

Disclaimer: Saif posted a picture of the shirt he was wearing, claiming that Purpp hadn’t ripped it like he said.

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