Smoking Weed Helps Snoop Dogg Paint Better

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Well, we bet smoking weed makes Snoop Dogg do anything better. In a cool interview with Paper Mag, the hip-hop OG described his love for painting and his desire to become the next Jackson Pollock. Check out the must-read sit-down here.

You’re like Jackson Pollock. He used to drop his cigarette butts on his paintings.

He did?

He would paint with the canvas on the ground, and let the butts drop onto the painting.

Now that’s my kinda nigga right there. That’s amazing. What’s his name?

Jackson Pollock.

Get some footage on him, Kevin. I’m gonna be the new him. I like that shit. Bunch of roaches on the motherfuckin’ painting. Cockroaches and weed roaches. That’s gonna be my next painting. The Life of a Roach.