Snoop Dogg Becomes A No Limit Solider

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Today we mark the release of the first Snoop release and we’re not talking about his release from the Death Row/Interscope imprint but from Master P and his No Limit/Priority label. This was Snoop’s third studio album and it was released under a slightly different stage name, “Snoop Dogg.” Because of legal contractual issues from his prior label, “Doggy” was dropped from his name. Of course, for Snoop, he understood the freedom that came with giving up his former moniker and accepted the terms without complaint.

His No Limit album, Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told debuted #1 on the Billboard charts selling over a half million copies in its first week with tracks like “Still A G Thang” & “Slow Down.” It also went on to sell two million copies domestically in the U.S., and 60,000 in both United Kingdom and Canada.

Of course his album wasn’t well received as his previous efforts as The Source gave it 3.5 mics out of 5 and Rolling Stones gave it a ranking of 2. Mainly because it didn’t sound like his previous projects, but who cares: the sales earned from Da Game was sufficient enough to make Snoop happy. In other words, people lie and numbers don’t.

Honestly, it was weird seeing Snoop transition with the  “No Limit” crew instead of his classic “Death Row,” family but like all things, change is always the best route.

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