Snoop Dogg Worried About Kim’s Influence on Kanye

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Snoop Dogg speaks out about Kanye’s political outbursts, but aims the problem at Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian. Over the last week Kanye has lost a ton of followers on Twitter after his public display and tweets of support for President Trump.

Snoop is not the only one giving advice to Kanye. John Legend reached out to the “Power” rapper recommending him to reconsider his public support for Trump and how it might affect his fans and friends. Kanye took a screenshot of the text message and posted it on his Twitter. He also left a comment thanking Legend for reaching out but assured him we will carry on in his freedom of speech. Other artists have given their two cents by posting edited pictures of Kanye and Trump together.

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Snoop Dogg has been taking digs at Kanye for quite some time now. He questions the influence the wives have on the power house artists. He later commented, “The evolution of Jay-Z and Kanye will show you how influential your wife can be to your life”.

Kim has made moves and public statements on disassociating her own political views from her husband’s. On The Ellen Show she interprets Kanye’s term “clarity” as a “cleanse”, meaning spending time with family and friends without the posting on social media or having phones in hand 24/7. She continued by stating Kanye’s political opinions are solely his own.

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