Spider-Man Whoops A** In NYC

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Spider-Man Brawl In Times Sq. NYC

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If you’ve been or visited Times Square within the last 4-5 years, you know that it’s littered with people dressed in costumes from every Disney, Pixar, Marvel and/or DC movie ever made. They’re super annoying and aggressive because there trying to get you take a picture with them. However taking a friendly picture with someone in costume doesn’t warrant harassment.

A recent video landed on Twitter yesterday of a masked Spider-man fighting a man in Times Square. Apparently, based on reports from a witness, the unnamed man was “harassing several performers” before Spidey stepped in to save the day.

Although in this situation, Spider-Man saved the day and in the past he’s got into brawls with Batman, the police and a random woman. Thankfully, he stepped in to save the day.

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