STEALING TIME: 3 Thieves Rob Rolex Boutique In Broad Daylight

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On Wednesday afternoon, three armed robbers dressed in black suits, red bow ties, and fedora’s walked into a Rolex boutique on Madison Avenue and robbed the store mid-afternoon. The thieves entered Tourneau boutique on 53rd St. and started smashing cases with hammers and stuffed the luxury watches into duffle bags. Two shots were fired from a semi-automatic weapon, which caught the attention of plain clothes cops nearby. After hearing the shots the two officers started chasing them; one was caught while the other two got away.

Store clerk, Ismaili Torres told CBS:

“It seems like they knew what they were doing, so basically, it wasn’t the first time in the store the Rolex shop.”


When the going gets rough and the block drys up, you gotta do what you gotta do!


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