Step Into His Mind: The Most Memorable Moments Of Keith Murray’s Career

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These days, it seems like the hip hop community is pretty selective as far as the veteran rappers that they like to embrace with open arms, and some they put back on the shelves. Keith seems to be the latter of that, unfortunately, but has still provided the culture with tons of fire bars, as well as entertaining moments. See some of the most memorable moments of the veteran rapper in the gallery.

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Source: Instagram @keithmurrayrap

Check out Keith Murray’s memorable momentsĀ on the following pages.

When he claimed that he was gay on Hot 97, but really he meant it as being “happy”

Even the Hot 97 crew felt played after this one.

When he allegedly assaulted a Def Jam employee

While this may not be so alleged, it just proves that Keith isn’t intimidated by anyone.