Steph Curry Takes The Biggest ‘L’ Of His Career, Thanks To The Internet

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Even though the Warriors have a commanding 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, its star player isn’t necessarily receiving the star treatment from the internet. 2X NBA MVP, Steph Curry, was savagely dragged all over social media because of his Under Armour Chef Curry 2 sneakers. The Golden Boy of the NBA had no choice but to haplessly watch the internet sauté his newest pair of sneakers, because well, he had no choice, right? Check out some of the meanest tweets aimed at Steph and his newest kicks.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers

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See What The Internet Had To Say About Steph Curry’s Newest Sneakers On The Following Pages.

The Internet Destroyed The Chef Curry 2’s

No Remorse

Steph Curry Sneaker Memes

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