SZA Says Her Voice is “Permanently Injured”

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Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

SZA has been facing one of the worst fears any vocalist can imagine. The strenuous touring schedule has paid a toll on the 27-year-old singer’s voice. Now the damage may be beyond repair, tweeting “My voice is permanently injured.”

SZA was on the TDE Championship Tour when she started to experience some internal discomfort. She took a quick break from shows last week after her vocal cords were confirmed swollen and rest was needed to prevent any further damage.

“Her vocal cords are swollen and she has to rest her voice to prevent any permanent damage,” stated Anthony Tiffith, TDE President.

She re-emerged for the Madison Square Garden scheduled tour date the other night, but was seemingly off. Many attendees commented on her pitchiness and underwhelming performance. She lacked the confidence she previously had at other shows. After the show, SZA took to Twitter with an emotional update on her vocal situation.

“Tonight was the test. That settles that…I jus wanna be left alone my priorities are f**ked up. They been f**ked up. I need space goodbye.”

The tweet was actually deleted shortly after by the artist; Fans speculate she was just very upset from her performance and may have voiced her frustration too soon on social media. Giving her time to settle down and decide what’s best for her personal health, we wait for an update.

Source: Instagram @sza