Taco Bell Wants To Get You Drunk

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One lucky neighborhood in the Wicker Park section of Chicago will soon be the first to experience Taco Bell’s newest plan to roll out alcoholic beverages. Initially, planned as just a test run, the beverages will soon be a staple at the chain and consist of wine, beer, and mixed alcohol. Also, like its main competitor, McDonald’s, the chain plans to renovate its new stores by adding modern technology and artwork from local artists in attempts to elevate the fast food dinning experience. It hasn’t been confirmed if the Mexican chain plans to roll this out nationwide, but if all goes well you could soon be sh*t faced while indulging on tacos.

Although the idea of Taco Bell rolling out and adding liquor to its menu is kinda dope, I honestly don’t know if it’s a good idea to mix the two. As is, Taco Bell gives you the sh*ts a runny belly.

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