Tay-K Pens Letter from Jail on Why He Should be a XXL Freshman

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17-year old rapper Tay-K just wrote a letter to XXL, pitching himself to be a member of the 2018 XXL Freshman Class. A picture of the handwritten letter was released through Tay-K’s Instagram account by one of his associates. The picture includes the caption “NO MATTER IF TAY MAKES THE LIST OR NOT HE WANTED ME TO SHARE HIS LETTER HE WROTE TO @xxl I NEED ALL THE RUGRATS TO COMMENT #TAYK4XXL AND TAG @xxl TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR TAY #FREETAYK”.

Tay-K wrote the letter from jail, where he is awaiting trial for capital murder charges he is facing. The letter reads as follows:

What’s crackin’ XXL? Its lil Tay-K! As you know, I’m writing this letter from Tarrant County Jail, where I’m being temporarily held on allegations. I occupy myself writing music and educating myself. I’ve been dreaming of being a “XXL Freshman” longer than I can remember. Now that I have your attention, I wanna use that to let you guys, along with the world, know why I feel like I deserve to be on “XXL Freshman”; well for starters, the fact that I’m 17 y/o and I have your audience speaks for itself. Also I was one of the first “SoundCloud artists” to make the “Billboard Hot 100” charts. On top of that, I have 100+ million views on my hit song “The Race”. Being a kid that came from nothing, I feel like that says a lot and motivates other unfortunate kids to dream big and reach for the stars, making your challenges temporary and your vision permanent, no matter what situation that I’m facing. I don’t look to glorify none of this stuff. I’m innocent until proven guilty. The fact of the matter is, I came from iron to platinum, from the streets to the charts, and I believe anyone can do it as long as you choose the right path before it’s too late because violence is not the answer. #TayK4XXL2018 B home soon! Death B4 Dishonor,

Tay-K 47 #FreeTayK

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Tay-K’s initial capital murder charges stemmed from an incident that took place in July 2016, when he and six other people were arrested after being involved in a robbery-turned-homicide. After being placed on house arrest until certification hearings were held, Tay-K cut of his ankle monitor and went on the run, tweeting “f**k dis house arrest s**t fuck 12 they gn hav 2 catch me on hood”. After making the song “The Race” about his case and picking up additional criminal charges, he was captured in May 2017 in New Jersey.

Since he’s been incarcerated, Tay-K has released his debut mixtape, as well as two singles. One of those singles, titled “After You”, was released on February 4 through SoundCloud. The second, titled “Hard”, dropped March 19 and was the first song to be released through No Jumper’s record label in partnership with Atlantic Records. His Santana World mixtape was released in July 2017, nearly two months after his arrest in New Jersey.

Although the roster of the 2018 XXL Freshman Class hasn’t been announced yet, Tay-K made the list of rappers in candidacy for the fan-chosen 10th Spot. Voting for the 10th Spot is currently closed, but the fact that Tay-K made the list means that he has a good chance of placing somewhere on the roster. Stay tuned for more Tay-K updates.