Teen Summit Vs. 16 and Pregnant

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teen summit vs 16 and pregnant

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We live in a world that is much different from which our parents (and myself) grew up in. As a 32 year old, as it goes without saying, my perspective in life is severely different compared to my teenage years.

If you remember the year, 1989, and when BET launched a show called Teen Summit. It lasted for 11 seasons and ended its last episode in 2011. The show offered awareness on safe-sex (STD, etc) and everything that teens encounter through their adolescent years. It also gave the youth a voice of expression sans ridicule while also acting as a vessel support system for black teens.

Fast forward to June of 2009, MTV premiered a similar version to BET’s counterpart, 16 and Pregnant. Now, we live in a time where awareness and education and sex prevention does not have an audience nor interest but, instead, we have consumers and an audience that would rather see a young teenage girl raising a child without an education or support system. The aforementioned programs try to prevent these issues from occurring on the onset.

I have no gripe with 16 and Pregnant but the main issue comes with solutions. Teen Summit provided teens, especially minorities or any person of color, solutions to a dangerous problem whereas the former embraced the problems of these teens without offering any solutions to their plight.

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