The 10 Best Car Ad Campaigns

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Car commercials are usually pretty boring and predictable, but these ten were very clever, and very effective.

BMW Films

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Admit it, one of the things guys think about when buying a car is “What action stars have driven this brand?” BMW put Clive Owen in a series of action shorts with directors like John Woo to promote their brand.

Mercedes Supermodels

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We’ve all seen the auto magazines in the supermarket, with hip hop models leaning on low-riders and sports cars. Well Mercedes-Benz took it up a notch with classy shots of supermodels doing the same, emphasizing the luxury identity of the brand.

Volkswagen: Think Small


VW reinvented what Americans expected from a car with their legendary Think Small campaign featuring their cars taking up a tiny fraction of a magazine ad page, rather than a whole two page spread.