The 12 Best Entourages Of All-Time

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Rap music has seen tons of huge artists, but most of them wouldn’t be as big as they are without their entourages. Most times, the entourages consists of multiple big-name artists who decided to put their impeccable lyrical ability and talents together for a super group. From all-star lineups, to some of the best rap groups of all time, there are a ton of entourages that shaped the sounds, trends, and spirit of hip hop culture. Here are some of the best entourages in rap music of all-time.

jay z bside concert terminal 5

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Wu-Tang Clan

Will Smith 'Big Willie Style' cover screenshot
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Whether you listened to their music heavily, or not at all, you knew who the Wu-Tang Clan was back in the day.

Wu-Tang Clan

raekwon ghostface Wu-Tang Clan Album Release Party

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The legendary group had everyone throwing their W’s up, wanting to be an honorary member of the fire-spitting rap group.