The 12 Best NY Rappers From 1990-2001

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When we think of New York rap, some of the biggest names in hip hop come to mind. It’s no question that the streets of NYC birthed some of the best rappers and MC’s in the game, and the 90’s era was certainly one of the best time periods of New York. We decided to take a look at some of the best New York rappers to come out of the city between the years 1990-2001, which you can catch on the following pages.

Biggie Diddy

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Who’s your favorite NYC rapper?

LL Cool J (1990)

NABOB 19th Annual Communication Awards Dinner

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Looking back, LL Cool J has by far one of the most substantial careers in hip hop based on his length.

LL Cool J (1990)

Street Poets 20th Anniversary Celebration Event

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He has been consistent since the 80’s, and one of his biggest years came 1990 when he droppedĀ Mama Said Knock You Out.