The Best Chrissy Teigen Memes

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Last night, the Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles, and all of the biggest names in Hollywood came out to honor the huge movies released this year. While the awards were rolling out to tons of this year’s top films, there was a lot going on in the crowd that was note-worthy. While Stacey Dash left everyone confused with her “Happy Black History Month” appearance, Chrissy Teigen reacted with one of the funniest facial expressions ever. Sure enough, the Internet went into a frenzy and started making memes out of the amazing moment.

88th Annual Academy Awards – Arrivals

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Check out some of the best Chrissy Teigen memes on the following pages.

Chrissy Teigen cringes at Stacey Dash

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Paul Ryan was clearly hating on POTUS’ greatness.

Chrissy Teigen cringes at Stacey Dash

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We so wish that Luther had been there to translate.