The Best Rap Tours Of All-Time

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Hip hop culture is always enhanced when artists take their music on the road, spreading it to fans around the country. Over the years, rappers have given us some of the most amazing tours in music, and there have been some outstandingly iconic ones. From the 80’s until now, there have been some wild tours that hip hop has seen, so be sure to see our list.

kanye west yeezus tour 2013

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Check out the best rap tours of all-time on the following pages.

Watch The Throne Tour

jayz kanye west wtt concert

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This was definitely an epic international tour, as JAY Z and Kanye West hit the road after dropping their hit collar album of the same name. They even performed “N*ggas In Paris” 11 times — while in Paris!

The Raising Hell Tour



Any hip hop fan from the 1980’s either remembers going to the Run DMC Raising Hell Tour, or wishing that they could have gotten tickets.