The Game Destroys Miami Rapper Stitches On Instagram

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Sometimes, Twitter fingers can get broken by the hands of reality. That was the case for Miami Rapper, Stitches. Last weekend, he pushed his luck after constantly berating The Game on Instagram and found himself sacked by the Cali’s rapper’s entourage outside of a club in Miami.

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Source: Twitter ‏@RevoltTV

Check Out How The Game Destroyed Stitches on Instagram

One Hit a Quitter

On Friday, a courageous Stitches ventured out to the club to meet up with The Game. Sadly, things didn’t work out in his favor as Game’s manager, Wack 100, landed a huge right hand to his grill. Stitches found himself knocked out cold for a strong 45 seconds. Later, the Miami rapper was arrested for resisting arrest by the police and more.

The Game Destroys Stitches on Instagram

This is just part one of Game annihilating Stitches via Instagram.