The Hundreds & Hieroglyphics Celebrate in Style

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Hundreds Hieroglyphics Anniversary

While most people mark their sixth anniversary with a traditional amethyst, the popular store The Hundreds San Francisco chooses to be a bit nontraditional. They have announced a limited edition line of T-shirts for their special day, and the unique designs were introduced at a special event at on March 20.

The design of each T-shirt is related in some way to the iconic underground hip hop collective Hieroglyphics, originating in Oakland, California in the early ‘90s.

Hundreds Hieroglyphics T-Shirts

The T-shirts were described as follows:

  • The Overthrow – this comes with long sleeves and uses the third eye/bomb logo of Hundreds X Hieroglyphics. The logo is placed prominently front and back of the shirt. Additionally, Hieroglyphics logos from all the members of the collective are displayed on the sleeves. These shirts are being produced in three colors.
  • The Del Face – The campy self-portrait of Del the Funkee Homosapien is the focal point of the front of this short sleeve shirt, with additional graphics on the top back featuring a reappropriated The Hundreds X Hieroglyphics bomb logo. This design is based on a doodle reportedly drawn by Del on a napkin. This T-shirt is also available in three colors.
  • The Emcees – The ever popular 93 ‘Til Infinity album inspires this shirt, with lyrics from the Souls of Mischief positioned on the front. The top back of the shirt again uses the bomb logo of Hieroglyphics and has Souls of Mischief printed under it. Again, this shirt is available in black, green, and white.

A press release from the Hundreds marked the release, with the spokesman noting, “The Hundreds is thrilled to unite again with the Hiero crew in commemoration of THSF’s sixth-year running.”

The Hieroglyphics’ ubiquitous logo is also known as the third eye, and was originally created by Del tha Funkee Homosapien. It is used on virtually all of the collective’s materials, including the website, clothing, stickers, and albums.

The Hundreds San Francisco is the legacy of a store originally founded in Los Angeles in 2003 by Ben Shenassafar and Bobby Kim. It fuses hip hop, skateboarding, surf and California cultures into a unique style with a near cult following. It now includes men’s retail stores (the first founded in 2007), online magazine and a print magazine. The apparel is augmented by headgear and accessories.