The Rap Game Will Never Be the Same After Ja Rule’s Shocking Annoucement…Read Why

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Normally, when a prominent rapper decides to bid adieu to the game, a sense of anguish takes over. When Jay Z first announced he was chucking deuces to the rap industry after the release of The Black Album, we were shell-shocked. We’re sure when Drake elects to call it quits, millions of people will certainly cry waterfalls on his behalf. Last week, one of rap’s past favorites went on Twitter to his announce that his next album would be his last.

“My best shall be my last…”, tweeted Ja Rule. That’s right, Ja Rule is taking the plunge into retirement after the release of his final album COUP DE GRÂCE. He informed his fans late last weekend of his decision and that after nearly 20 years in the game, that it was time to gracefully bow out. While a lot of people will forever remember his beef with 50 Cent and how he suffered a massive loss, we have to remember the success he obtained prior to his turmoil.

Hate it or love it, what Ja Rule did for the rap game will always be remembered.

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Before Drake began crooning on tracks and was serenading women with heartfelt records for us hapless romantics, Ja Rule mastered the formula. When Ja implemented the singing onto his records, he became a force to be reckoned with. His gangsta persona intertwined with his love for being melodic was a match made in heaven. Check the resume, “Rainy Days”, “Put It On Me”, “Always On Time”, “Wonderful”, “Caught Up”, “I Cry”. The list goes on and on. He may have gotten stomped out by 50, but let’s be frank: 50 used the same style as Ja! This is coming from a guy that bumped 50 religiously. It just so happened that 50 was the victor in their beef and happened to be on a hot streak. “Candy Shop” and “Best Friend” are examples of how he emulated Ja.

You may hate the father who birthed the style because of his troubled history, but don’t knock him down for laying the seeds. The younger generation might not be familiar with the story of Ja Rule and the once indomitable empire that was Murder Inc and that’s cool. We understand that Ja is past his prime, but let’s not take away what he brought to the game. The man had hits on hits on hits. He had a louisville slugger in the booth because he was a guaranteed hit-maker. The rap game will sorely miss you Ja. Let’s make this final album something to remember.

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